It is a modern sport that started at the beginning of the 80s in the USA. Today it is one of the most booming sports in the world. It is practiced by people of all ages with the intention of spending a wonderful day.

Usually played with two teams formed from 4 players per team, they are equipped with a rifle powered by CO2 or compressed air that shoots balls with a gelatine shell and filled with food colouring to hit the target, breaking and leaving a stain. These balls are completely biodegradable, non-toxic and the stains are perfectly washable with water.

All activities include: Everything necessary for the proper development of the activity, an instructor and liability insurance.

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  • It’s a fun and healthy way to do sport while enjoying company or just navigating the Blue Lake in our kayaks.
  • Our instructors will instruct you in basic kayak management techniques, something very simple that will not take long.
  • You will also have all the technical equipment needed to move in the water with all the security we always give to our customers.
  • Count on us to try this activity.

Todas las actividades incluyen: El material necesario para el buen desarrollo de las mismas, instructor y seguro de responsabilidad civil.

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For centuries the bow has been one of the most popular weapons both for hunting animal, to be able to feed and defend ourselves from wild animals and invasions from the enemy towns.

Now archery is only practiced as a sport. In LO RUFETE MULTIVENTURA you can practice this sport. We teach you to shoot with the placement of the feet, how to hold the bow, body position and everything you need, plus later we will show you how to keep improving until you are a champion.

All activities include: everything necessary for the proper development of the activity, instructor and liability insurance.

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