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Bigastro (in valencian, Bigastre) is a municipality in the Valencia Community, Spain. Located in the southern province of Alicante, in the administrative division of Vega Baja del Segura. It has 6,788 inhabitants.


The Town

The squares and the steep and narrow streets of the town of Bigastro invite you to do a city tour, stopping at its central pedestrian street of the Purísima, the lung of the commercial activity of the town, past the remodelled Municipal Park, where walkers can stop and enjoy the greenery and freshness, and children can enjoy the playground.

If we go to the higher part of town, the true balcony of the Vega Baja, we can enjoy views of the extensive fertile area and the surrounding villages.


Every Thursday in Bigastro the market takes place, the meeting point of merchants and buyers from across the region.

It gives the impression of an Arab souk, from which a diverse range of things is offered: flowers, plants, birds, carpets, handicrafts, imported items, clothing, shoes, etc.


The Fertile Area

The town of Bigastro is committed to the concept of Rural Development, they are undertaking several actions to revitalise the Traditional Fertile area. Actions ranging from: the recovery of traditional crops; the promotion of the value of agriculture and diversification of farming; the adequacy of this natural area for the enjoyment and recreation (such as walking; the sale / the lease of plots to collective groups with agro-ecological purposes; and sustainable management of farm waste. We uphold the bond between Heritage, the environment and Quality of Life.