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Valencian Houses

The barraca valenciana is a typical building of the Valencian farmland. It served as housing for farmers, so it is located in areas of irrigated orchards.

The origin of the name barraca comes from Arabic and means Luck, this was because a long time ago having a house was a lot of luck and not everyone had the possibility of having it.

In Albufera, the first barracks were built with mud and reeds from the wetland. These houses were built by the fishermen and farmers of Albufera who had very little technical knowledge and used the materials and resources available in their environment.

Our Valencian Barracas have the traditional shape but with all the modern comforts inside. To enjoy a vacation with your family and friends.

All the comforts of home in a relaxing environment. Enjoy a large house, we have three different designs for 2 to 8 people, with full bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. Plenty of outdoor space with access to barbecue areas to enjoy the weather. More use of the campsite facilities included and free Wi-Fi.

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