The area of La Pedrera comprises more than half a million square meters. A little over two kilometres from Bigastro and on the doorstep of the campsite, it contains more than 30,000 trees.

In the very heart of the Vega Baja, La Pedrera towers over the highest cliffs of the Gorge of Umbria. From this formidable lookout you can see the most beautiful views of the deep and wide Segura valley, stretching from your feet to the sea in a landscape always surprised by the light and the green of the fruit trees.

But La Pedrera is not only a place of exceptional beauty. In recent years, thanks to the continued interest and effort of Bigastro Town Hall, it has become one of the most unique leisure areas in the province of Alicante and a must for those who love nature and want to be fully integrated into it.

It is also an alternative tourist attraction between the mountains and the beach. The response from the vegetable garden to the call of leisure. The answer from the interior to the coast. A wink of self-sufficiency at the sea with the claim included: "Before, turn right and find the kitchen garden in a pure state". The words are not heard, but the message is sensed.

Nature in a pure state. To be guided by the transparency of the air, the nakedness of the land and cleanliness of the silence. Staying in a log cabin or a Barraca Valenciana. Our under your own roof in a tent, caravan or motorhome.

Accompanied by a backpack on a solitary adventure trekking between orange and almond trees. Comforted by good food from a cuisine that combines Mediterranean diet with the products of the fertile garden.

All, naturally, in the uninhibited and friendly atmosphere of the mountains, while we touched by hand the cup of the lemon trees or enchanted before the high of a hare unmasked in the shelter of their freedom.